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Health System Consultation

Despite everyone's best intentions, the healthcare system is a perilous place for patients, providers, and nurses. Thankfully we have progressed to a point in history when we understand that good people strive to do the right thing.  When this doesn't happen, it's most often the result of a system issues that resulted in the problems we encounter.  Good patient care requires resources, education, training, and support to function properly. The unintended consequences of system "improvements" sadly result in downstream unintended loss of moral, patient dissatisfaction, and increased cost to the system and ultimately patients. 

In a time not so long ago, clinical nurse specialists existed in many healthcare systems, departments, and clinical sites to readily identify these issues in the system and then work to address them.  These positions were not directly billable and ultimately these positions were lost.  In some cases, nurse practitioners have been asked to fill this void, but this has had limited impact on system problems as the graduate level training for practitioners is vastly different from, though somewhat overlapping with clinical nurse specialists. Historically teams with CNS support did not really realize what the CNS actually did until the role was lost, much like grease in a wheel is taken for granted until its not there and things lock up or breakdown.  

Gentle Care Consultants is an independent clinical nurse specialist practice that can work with your practice, facility, or department to clarify issues and collaborate to form solid solutions.  We can assist with education and training of staff as well as team building and counseling to support performance. 

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