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Care Coordination

Unfortunately sometimes healthcare can become extremely difficult to maneuver, particularly for those with complex issues requiring multiple specialists or extensive treatment plans of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, wound care, physical therapy, dialysis, and a host of other modalities.


In a perfect world, the primary care provider would have endless time to coordinate this for every patient every time.  This world is not perfect.  


Clinical Nurse Specialists are trained to assist in the coordination of care for complex patient situations.  We can assist you with communication, scheduling, and decision-making in order to reconnect you to your health and well-being.  YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR HEALTH ISSUES.  Our office is a comfortable, safe, and accepting oasis where you can talk through your situation and develop plans you can live with.  We will support you and also assist you in providing any additional help you need to get through this difficult time. 

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